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MCG032 – Game 32 MathChess

Game 32 MathChess

Chess Pieces: 1 Addition, 1 Subtraction, 1 Multiplication, 1 Division
Digits (0 … 9), Blue goes first.

B:  Blue 5 at I3 moves to I4 and removes Red 5 at A4 and Red Multiplication at C4.
      (5×9=45 and 5 are two equal Partial Values of the Red Multiplication at C4)
R:  Red Subtraction at E 6 removes Blue Multiplication at G6.
B:  Blue 1 at A3 moves to A2 and removes Red 4 at D2 and Red 7 at G2.
      (1 and 4+7=11 are two equal Partial Values of the Blue Addition at B2)
R:  Red 6 at B9 jumps over its partner Red 9 at B7 to remove Blue 4 at B5.
      (Red 6 and Red 9 is a Digit Pair)
B:  Blue 6 at H6 moves to H5 and removes Red 6 at B5 and Red Division at E5.
     (Blue 6 and Red 6 are two equal Partial Values of the Red Division at E5)
R:  Red 3 at D6 moves to B6.
B:  Blue Division at D8 removes Red Addition at D3.
R:  Red 9 at B7 jumps over its partner Red 3 at B6 to remove Blue Addition at B2.
B:  Blue 2 at F3 moves to G3.
R:  Red 8 at A8 moves to A6.
B:  Blue 6 at I4 moves to I6 and removes Red 8 at A6, Red 3 at B6 and Red
Subtraction at G6.

Game terminates. All Red Operators were removed.
                    The Blue side wins the game.



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